The Lost Saint – Bree Despain (Book 2)

Book one was outstanding in my opinion. It was something I never expected. I really enjoyed book two – The lost saint. I didn’t find it as compelling or a book I couldn’t bear to put down, but I still loved it. Grace is a well written character, but I found this book to be more heartwrenching. I may even dare to compare it to New Moon in the Twilight series. Maybe not that heartwrenching, but frustrating at times. New characters emerged in this sequel that brought new depth to the book. Near the end, it all came together and I was hooked again. Now, as usual, I am dying for the next book to be released…

Shadowspell – Jenna Black (Book 2)

Talk about imprisonment for your own good… Wow. The first book I felt was a bit slow, but it was laying down the background, setting us up for the ride. This book jumped right in. It was dark, dangerous, mysterious, exciting, and a little raw. Dana’s talents seem to be growing and in the process drawing the attention of those she shouldn’t. Not only does Dana still have to deal with her murderous, pain in the ass aunt, but now she is in the sights of the Erlking. And the bargain she must strike it intriguing, until you understand it’s full extent… How will she deal with this little twist?

Tempestuous – Lesley Livingston (Book 3)

I enjoyed the first two books in this series, but I loved by far, this book the most. Even knowing it is the final book in the series, I hope for more. Sonny and Kelly were such elaborate and intriguing characters that you grow to understand throughout the books. Much has changed since the first book as well. Kelly is no longer a weak blinded individual. She is strong, powerful and caring. Even Sonny changes from a single minded human who guards the gates. He loves Kelly, but becomes so much more. Together they could be a strong team, although I am sure many would strive to take them down as has occurred already. Too bad that is just in my imagination…

Ghost Town – Rachel Caine (Book 9)

Another on the edge of your seat thrilling ride. Claire must save the town again. You would think it would get old, Claire needing to think on her feet, deal with bloodthirsty vampires, go to college, and live her life hoping to keep the boy she loves around. It doesn’t though, with each new twist, it is still exciting. Will Mrynin be a good vampire today or will he turn on her? You never know. What would happen if everyone forgot everything that had happened in the past few years? Pandemonium is what… In order to save them all though, Claire must convince enough sane individuals to help get past those who have forgotten everything and shut down the machine… Of course it works but at what costs…


Iron Queen – Julie Kagawa (Book 3)

Outstanding. I like Meghan’s character from the beginning. A selfless girl who trusts all, cares, and goes beyond all the limits. This book though topped them all. All Meghan wants is her life, Ash, and possibly even her best friend Puck, but those things are not easy. She has come so far, defeating the Iron King, de-arming Ash when he was controlled by the iron bug, and even returning the Sceptor to the winter court. Nothing is ever enough though, because once again someone seeks to destroy the Nevernever with the Iron realm. The false king does not have the king’s power though, Meghan does and she must willingly hand it over. Sometimes the hardest thing in life though is realizing you must lose it all in order to save the one’s you love. And that is exactly what Meghan must do. It was heart stopping, romantic, adventurous, exciting, and agonizing (in a good way though).


This was a spectacular passage of a great book. Yes, it is a kid’s book, but nonetheless are great book. I love finding passages like these in books that stick with you. This one is from the book “Flipped” by Wendelin Van Draanen. This book is more than a kid’s story about growing up. It is a great life lesson. It is well written and holds even an adult’s attention. This book is quirky and fun, while inspiring and beautiful. It is definitely a book that will stay on my shelf!

I always loved to read, but somehow lost my way somewhere in high school. It was the eight year old and a close friend who inspired me two year ago to plunge back in. I started with Twilight… I know I’m one of those girls. Oh well whatever. I was actually going over to a friend’s house two years ago before Christmas, while my husband and her wife were on a work trip together and she asked if I could stop and buy her the last book in the Twilight series. She then said that I must buy the first book for myself. I figured hey why not, and I did it. I began the book that night at her house and found it to be fine. I soon after flew to Austria with my husband to spend Christmas with my family. I decided to actually finish another book I had previously started on the plane and so I did not get any further into the Twilight book until I was in Austria. While there with my family we skied everyday from morning until evening, had dinner together and played games together until late. Afterward, when everyone was asleep, I began reading Twilight and couldn’t stop. I would read until 1 or 2am every night and then rise by 7am to begin the ski routine again. I don’t know how I did it, I am not a person who does well on little sleep, but I had to literally set a time limit for when to go to bed, otherwise I would have stayed up all night reading. Even after stopping reading, I was so into the book it took forever to fall asleep. Anyhow, I finished the book before I left that week and sought out the next book in the series. Let me tell you it is not an easy feat to find books in English in Germany. We had driven back to Germany to stay with my grandparents after our week of skiing. I did eventually find the books, but it was at the airport and there was only a box set of the four for a ridiculous price. Let me just say, I am not proud of the amount I spent, but I did buy them. I finished the second book on the horrendous flights home that day and subsequently finished the next two in the following days as I did not have to go back to work yet. Actually, my husband left me sitting on the couch reading when he left for work and returned home to me in the same spot those few days… It was a bit nuts, but I was finally hooked on reading again and I loved it.

After that crazy experience, I began reading constantly. You actually can’t find me without a book in my purse at all times no matter where I am. I then read all the Harry Potter books with the eight year old I was a nanny for at the time. We had a blast and they are also great books. Now I just read… everything and always. I love getting lost in the world each book creates and I love finding amazing passages.

Another great passage I found was in Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert.



Ok So I guess after reading that you now know I also love food and am Italian myself. I love to try new things all the time. I also love to eat food from local farms when possible. My husband and I even were apart of a CSA last season. But that is for another post.




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